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This is the site for all fans of classic American Top 40 with Casey Kasem and Shadoe Stevens and American Top 20/10 with Casey Kasem radio shows.

This is NOT an official site. The only official site is at40.com.

Classic American Top 40

Classic American Top 40 ran from July 4, 1970 to January 3, 2004, with a break in between January 1995 and March 1998. Casey Kasem hosted the show for most of this period, with Shadoe Stevens hosting from August 1988 to January 1995. This section of the website discusses the history of the show, with examples of charts used, special shows aired, and how the shows were delivered.

American Top 40 Anniversary

Go through the history of American Top 40 year by year from 1970 to the 2020s in this section of the website.

American Top 20 & American Top 10

American Top 20 and American Top 10 were spin off shows of American Top 40. American Top 20 covered the Hot AC format, while American Top 10 (originally also called American Top 20) covered the AC format. Visit here to learn more about these shows.

Hot AC Chart Information

The first Hot AC chart appeared during 1994 in the "Radio and Records" publication, and the chart continues today via Mediabase. Visit this section to learn about the format and see the top songs of all time and chart records.

American Top 40/20/10 are owned by Premiere Networks. Hot AC chart information is owned by Mediabase. No ownership is implied here. This site is for educational purposes only.