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The number one song of the year was "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor

AT40 specials included: "Twentieth Anniversary Special"

Donny Osmond is a guest host.

News headlines from 1990 included: Iraq invades Kuwait, and The Hubble space telescope is launched into orbit


The number one song of the year was "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" by Bryan Adams

AT40 specials included: "All American 4th of July Special"

Nelson guest host an episode.

The Music News debuts as a regular feature on the show. During this feature, brief news headlines about artists or songs in the countdown are read. Artists' birthdays are also given.

The AT40 Sneek Peek debuts as a regular feature on the show. The "Sneek" is an unintentional misspelling that sticks. The feature plays a new song that may debut in the top 40 later. While AT40's official charts come from Billboard, the Sneek Peek song came from the Most Added song in Radio and Records magazine.

November 30, 1991: AT40 switches charts, from the Hot 100 Singles chart to the Top 40 Radio Monitor Chart

News headlines from 1991 included: January 16, 1991 signaled the start of an air campaign against Iraq, and The Soviet Union Ends


The number one song of the year is "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men

No AT40 specials aired during 1992.

Guest hosts during the year are: Richard Marx, Jack Wagner, Jody Watley, and Jay Thomas.

News headlines from 1992 included: Largest shopping mall in the US is constructed, and Johnny Carson leaves the Tonight Show


The number one song of the year is "Dreamlover" by Mariah Carey

No AT40 special aired during 1993

AT40 switches charts again, from the Hot 100 Airplay chart to the Top 40/Mainstream chart.

Guest hosts during the year are: Martha Quinn and Harry Anderson & Delaney Matthews.

News headlines from 1993 included: New Kids on the Block call it quits, and the final episode Of Cheers airs


The number one song of the year is "The Sign" by Ace of Base

No AT40 specials aired during 1994.

Guest hosts include: Meshach Taylor & J.C. Wendall and Adrienne Walker.

During the summer, AT40 leaves American airwaves as ABC Radio Networks replaces it with Rick Dees Weekly Top 40

News headlines from 1994 included: Major League baseball players strike, resulting in the World Series being canceled, and a comet hits Jupiter


The final AT40 airs January 28, 1995. Shadoe ends the show by playing "Happy Trails"

American Top 40 is not heard from again until 1998

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The number one song of the year is "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls

On March 28, Casey Kasem brings back American Top 40 under AMFM networks. Two adult contemporary format versions, each called American Top 20, debut

A CD of the return show of AT40, March 1998

News headlines from 1998 include: The movie Titanic breaks box-office records, and Bob Barker's game show The Price is Right, aired his 5,000th episode on CBS in the summer.


The number one song of the year is "Every Morning" by Sugar Ray

AT40 specials include "Top 40 of the 1990s" and a special covering music from the entire rock era.

News headlines from 1999 include: President Clinton is acquitted, and Latin pop breaks through to the mainstream.

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