Here is a list where you can find the original sources of much of the information on the anniversary site. Please visit them and enjoy the rest of their work. Many thanks to their webmasters!!!!

  • When this site was created in 2000, the news headlines were taken from various sites around the internet. Unfortunately, as of 2006, these sites were no longer available.  Here is a list of the sites as a reference:
  • All of the 1970s news headlines came from  "Totally 70s Site"
  • All of the news headlines from the 1980s and 1990s came from a "Teachers' Resource Site"
  • The circa 2000 AT40 logo was found on the AMFM site when that site existed.
  • The modern era AT40, AT20, and AT10 logos are from Premiere Radio Network site.
  • The news headlines from the 2000s came from the infoplease website.
  • Please note that the YouTube links may change from what they were when this site was updated.  If an official YouTube video was found, a link was made to that.
  • Special thanks to the former American Top 40 Celebration Page for their help with: All of the AT40 specials information, AT40 chart information from 1970-1995, AT40 graphics from 1970-1988, and all of the jingles.


    I have tried to give credit for all of the information on this anniversary site. No copyrights were intentionally violated. American Top 40, American Top 20, and American Top 10 are copyrighted by Premiere Networks, Inc. All logos are copyrighted to Premiere Networks and are displayed for information only. All jingles are copyrighted by their creators and Premiere. 


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