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 Questions about AT20/AT10
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Questions about This Site

1. Why didn't you place the current Top 20 or Top 10 chart, as well as an archive of past charts?

The problem is that the charts were copyrighted. If I posted them without permission, I would've been in violation of copyright and would be open to legal action. I believe that is what happened to the "Casey's Top 40" site at Both R&R and Mediabase's charts are copyrighted.


2. Why don't you have any pictures of Casey Kasem on your site, or for that matter any official AT20/AT10 logos?

I do not for the same reason I do not place the charts on the site, copyrights. I believe that most pictures of Casey are copyrighted. The same is true for the logos. Thus my site may not look "official", but it is legal. :) An example of what can happen for using copyrighted images is what the parent company of Star Trek did to fan sites. If a fan had copyrighted images, sounds, etc. then they were pursued by the legal department and had to change their sites or even had their sites removed.



Questions about AT20

1. When did AT20 begin? When did AT10 begin?

Some important dates in AT20 history are:

  • May 1992 - Casey's Countdown, an AC show, debuts
  • November 5, 1994: Casey's Hot 20 debuts
  • March 28, 1998: Casey Kasem moves to AMFM Radio Networks (which will eventually be bought by Premiere). Casey's Countdown becomes American Top 20 AC, while Casey's Hot 20 becomes American Top 20 Hot AC.
  • January 10, 2004 - Casey leaves AT40, making his only shows the 2 AT20s.
  • March 20, 2004 - AT20 AC becomes AT10.
  • July 4, 2009 - AT20 and AT10 aired their final shows.


2. What charts have AT20/AT10 used during their run?

Casey's Countdown used the Radio and Records' AC chart. Casey's Hot 20 used the R&R Hot AC chart. When the shows became AT20, they continued to use the R&R charts. During a period from 2000-2001 the shows switched to an unpublished chart. In August 2001, the shows switched back to the R&R chart.

In early 2003, AT20 AC switched to an unpublished Mediabase 24/7 chart, which was based on audience rather than the number of times a song is played, and excludes all audience numbers from the songs played during the syndicated "Delilah" show. AT10 switched back to the R&R AC chart in 2005.

In August 2006, Radio and Records was bought out by the parent company of Billboard Magazine. Therefore R&R quit using Mediabase data and started using BDS data. AT20 and AT10 then continued to use the Mediabase 24/7 charts, which were not published in a major trade magazine.

3. Why did songs frequently fall off the current chart from the teens?

Songs were removed from the chart to "recurrent" status. On the Hot AC show, songs were removed when the song falls below #15 and has been on the entire Hot AC chart for more than 20 weeks. In 2009 an additional  rule was added to remove songs from the chart after they've been on the chart 30 weeks and are below #10. The AC chart had the same rules as stated above, but has another one as well. Songs are removed from the AC chart if the song has more than 50 weeks and is below number 5.

Your Questions

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