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Below is the cover of the AT40 yearbook published in the spring of 1979:

Cover of AT40 Yearbook

No other yearbooks were produced, and thus the book has become a collector's item.


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This is a picture of the box that the AT40 Demo Reel came in. The demo reel was sent to stations so that they could hear a sample of the show. If the station liked it, they could then sign up for AT40.

demoreel box picture

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Below is a picture of the outer box that the AT40 was mailed to radio stations in during the early 80s.

picture of mailing box

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Below is a picture of the discs and part of a cue sheet for AT20's Christmas Special of 2002.

Christmas special pic

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Below is a picture of the discs and box for the Star Trek: the Next Generation special from January 1991. Following that is an excerpt from the cue sheets, with the text of one of the promos of the show.

pic of tng discs and mailer

Close up of TNG Disc - Click to Enlarge
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excerpt from tng cue sheets

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Below is a sample of a "stat sheet" from 1989 that Shadoe could use when referring to songs in the countdown. The photo was provided to this site from Nelson, a fan of AT40 who received it from "Dr." Durkee of AT40.

sample of stat sheet from 1989

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Below are pictures of an AT40 Cookie Jar made in honor of Casey returning to AT40 in 1998.

cookie jar frontcookie jar back

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Below is a picture of an autographed copy of an AT40 show from 1993.

autograph pic

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In 1990, AT40 released a cd composed of big hits of the past 20 years, in honor of the show's 20th anniversary. There was no talking on the cd, just the songs themselves. Below are pictures of the disc itself and the song listing on the back jacket.

discsong list

During a period of Shadoe's run, international versions of the show were sponsored by the Pepsi company. Special versions of the show's jingles mentioned Pepsi, and the lp jacket for the show's records included a picture of Shadoe:

picture of lp jacket with Shadoe on it

On AT40's 18th Anniversary, the first July 4 Shadoe hosted the show, AT40 sent out a promotional cd to radio stations. The cd contained an anniversary message from Shadoe, as well as the #1 songs of each year that AT40 had been around. Below is a picture of the cd. Click on the image to enlarge.
Picture of AT40 Cd - Click to Enlarge
Apparently a T-Shirt was made with the AT40 Shadoe logo. Little information is available about this shirt. Below is a picture of the shirt. Click to enlarge.
Shadoe shirt picture

An autographed picture of Shadoe: (Click to enlarge)

Shadoe picture

Shadoe's first show on August 13, 1988 had a record sleeve with a special sticker on it, letting people know it was a collector's item. Click any image to enlarge.

Album Cover

Close up of sticker. Apologies for the poor quality.
close up of sticker

Below is a picture of a cake made for Shadoe for his start as host of AT40 in 1988. Photo courtesy of former AT40 staffer Guy Aoki.

Shadoe cake

Below are pictures of a special edition of the AT40 Y2K Special (aired New Year's Weekend 2000). Click an image for a larger version.

Y2K Pic 1 Y2K Back

Script cards used by Shadoe for a couple of AT40 programs. The first is from the 28 September 1991 show, and the second is from 21 December 1991. Click for a larger version.

sep 1991 script card

Script card 21 Dec 91

Below are pictures of cassettes issued some to non-English speaking countries. These cassettes contained production elements of the show, so that the station could put together a native language version of AT40. Images courtesy of this radio station.


Below is a picture of a lapel pin made for AT40's 20th Anniversary.

20th Anniversary pin

Below is a picture of a pass that was given out in 2004 so that someone could watch a recording session of AT40 with Ryan Seacrest. (Note: a name was removed for privacy)

at40 recording invitation

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