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Note: This information is about the AT40 Flashback radio series that aired  from late 2000 through 2002.  For information on the current reairing of AT40 shows from the 1970s and 1980s, please visit this section of the site.

Beginning on the last weekend of 2000, Premiere Radio Networks began issuing copies of older AT40 shows to radio stations. The first show aired was the 2nd half of AT40's 1985 year-end survey. The flashback shows were geared especially toward all 1980's stations, but many Adult Contemporary (AC) and Hot AC stations also carried the show.

For the first few months of the show's run, the show was four hours long and played an entire AT40 show. However, Premiere Radio Networks decided that it would be easier to sell the show if the show were only 3 hours in length. Also, some radio stations did not like some of the songs that were played during the 1st hour of the show, since those songs are remembered by relatively few people. Thus, the show was reduced to three hours in length. The Flashback became the final three hours of an AT40 show, and each Flashback usually began around number 30.

Flashback shows that were from the "AT40 Archives" feature era had those archive songs edited out (In the early '80s Casey would play a few number ones from the 1960s each week. These were songs from the "AT40 Archives").

The Flashback show only aired shows from 1980 to August 1988, due to the fact that Casey left AT40 in 1988. Also, no shows with guest host were aired. In the spring of 2002, management at Premiere ordered that no shows from 1980 or 1981 be aired anymore. This may be due to the fact that some radio programmers felt that some of the music from the early 80s did not appeal to their listeners. Thus from the summer of 2002 on the only years that the Flashback would play were January 1982-August 1988. Some of the shows that were scheduled to air but didn't due to this decision were: 5/10/80, 7/26/80, 4/11/81, and 6/6/81.

The show continued until the end of 2002. Premiere Radio networks canceled several of their shows, including the Flashback, due to cost concerns. The final AT40 Flashback show aired the weekend of December 28, 2002. The final show was a regular weekly show, not a year-end show.

A list of all the shows aired, in order of the show's original airdate can be found on the show listing page.

Rob Durkee's AT40 site lists all of the shows that were featured on the Flashback show in order of the shows' airdate.

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