AT40: 1970s and AT40: 1980s

In late 2006, Premiere Radio Networks began producing a show similar to the old AT40 Flashback. Instead of the 1980s shows, entire shows from the 1970s were made available for radio stations to air. The only catch was that only 3 hour shows were available to air, meaning only shows before the 1978 switch to 4 hours were available. However, currently 4 hour 1970s shows are available on occasion, with the first hour being optional. These 4 hour shows are often paired with an earlier 1970s show, in case the radio station wants to air a complete show.

In April 2007, Premiere made 1980s shows available once again. The format is the same as the 1970s show above.  These shows can be 4 hours in length if the stations want to air them. The first hour of the show does not have national commercials.

Both shows have a format where there is an optional extra during each hour. (Optional Extra is a song that can be cut out of the show for more commercials if a station so desires).  Usually the optional extra is a song that was popular near the time of the show, but not quite in the top 40 at the specific show date.

Lists of the 1970s shows and the 1980s shows aired are available.

In May 2014 IHeart Radio added a channel that plays a continuous loop of archived AT40 1970s and AT40 1980s shows.

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