AT40 Links

AT40 Chart Information

- The charts AT40 used during its original run.

- AT40's weekly chart can currently be found at the official site

- Chart Feats and Achievements (only through 2003)

- See what was the number one song for every year since AT40 started 

- View artists' history on the Radio & Records Pop and Mediabase 24/7 charts


AT40 Audio

- Archived AT40: The 1970s and AT40:1980s shows are continuously playing on the IHeart radio website and app.

- To find out when you can hear AT40 live on the web, visit the FAQ thread on the AT40 Fun & Games Message Board

- The "Reel Top 40 Radio Repository" has a few segments of AT40 shows (the site has changed to a pay site if you want to hear the segments):

- Want to know more about the company that restores the AT40 shows for broadcast on XM Satellite radio and for Premiere Networks broadcasts?


AT40 Fan Sites

- AT40 expert/superfan Pete Battistini has his own website where you can learn more about his AT40 collection and his book, "American Top 40 with Casey Kasem (The 1970s)".

- The Reel Top 40 Repository has pictures of AT40 SuperFan's collection, including an example of a script card from one of Casey's shows!

- Rob Durkee has an AT40 Trivia site. You can also learn about his book, "American Top 40: The Countdown of the Century". This book, unfortunately now long out of print, is a must read for fans of AT40. You learn all sorts of details about the history, the behind the scenes action, and some interesting tidbits. Also, the book has complete charts of every special countdown AT40 did (including every year-end chart!).

- The "Reel Top 40" aircheck website has a RealAudio clip of an interview with Rob Durkee on his AT40 book. Check it out! (the site has changed to a pay site if you want to hear the segment)


Miscellaneous Links

- If you're a fan of classic AT40, you need to get "American Top 40 with Casey Kasem (The 1970s)" and "American Top 40 with Casey Kasem (the 1980s)" by Pete Battistini.

- AT40 Facebook groups: This Week in AT40 History (1970-1988)AT40 the 1970sAT40 the 1980s, AT40 with Shadoe, Casey's Top 40: The 1990s

- Get demos of the current AT40 family of shows on the Premiere Networks site.

- In 1999, a New York Times' article discussed Casey and AT40.

- A 2010 article about and written by former AT40 staffer Guy Aoki

- 2010 articles about AT40's 40th Anniversary (links valid as of April 27, 2016):

- An extensive interview with Shadoe Stevens about Shadoe's entire career.

- In 1991, I wrote AT40 with a question about the charts. I asked "What's the record for most weeks at Number One?" The staff of AT40, specifically "Doctor" Rob Durkee, was gracious enough to reply. Here's his response 

- Have a question about AT40 or this page? Visit the FAQ page!

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