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Radio and Records started as a competitor to Billboard in the early 1970s. The magazine focused on the radio side of the industry, and its charts were based solely on radio airplay.

In 2006, the parent company of Billboard bought out Radio and Records. In June 2009, the magazine was discontinued by its owners. 

View artists' history on the Radio & Records' Pop chart (through August 2006)

Billboard Charts

Although there is no longer a pop Top 40 countdown that uses the Billboard charts, American Country Countdown still uses the Country Airplay chart. Billboard is available for purchase at some book stores, or an internet subscription is available. The official web site offers portions of the popular Billboard charts. Here are some Billboard links:

Find books on Billboard Charts, including books that have every Hot 100 of each decade at Record Research

Miscellaneous Charts

My calculation of the Top 100 songs of the 1990-2003, based on the R&R Pop Chart.

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