Who Monitors Radio Stations?

Mediabase 24/7

Mediabase 24/7 uses people instead of computers to identify how many times a song is played on the radio. The Mediabase 24/7 monitors more CHR/Pop radio stations than their competitor, BDS. Publications that use Mediabase 24/7 data included Radio& Records. Mediabase's main website is password restricted, but you can some information at Americas's Music Charts

Broadcast Data Systems (BDS)

BDS electronically monitors radio stations and counts how many times a song is played. This data is used by Billboard and its sister Airplay Monitor magazines in making charts. For example, the Pop Songs chart is compiled by counting how many times a week each song on a Top 40 mainstream station is played. The song that is played the most is Number One. The radio-info site has partnered with BDS to provide their charts online.

NOTE: The stations below were the formats listed back when this page was originally created circa 2001. They  may have changed IDs and/or formats.

Some Examples of Radio Stations of Differing Formats

Mainstream Top 40

Adult Top 40:

Adult Contemporary