Script Cards

AT40 used cards to write scripts on for Shadoe to read. Cards were also used to show song information for the staff to use when compiling the scripts, timing the show, and for compiling the year-end charts (for years that AT40 made their own). Below are some examples of the cards used. Click any image to see the full size version.

Song Card
The card lists the song's position each week, the writers, and other facts. This is for the song "Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors.
Two Princes Card

Show Intro Script
This card shows the script for the opening of the 28 September 1991 edition of AT40:
Show opening card

Flashback Card
This card lists the song for a week's Flashback song. This card shows the Flashback used for the 4 December 1994 edition of AT40.
Flashback card

Hour 2 Intro Card

This card is for the script for an intro to hour 2 from the 21 December 1991 show.
Hour 2 Intro

Story Cards

These cards are the script for the Freddie Mercury tribute from the 7 December 1991 edition of AT40.
story card 1

story card 2

story card 3