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Main sections

Index (aka Front Page) - What's new on this site and site highlights

AT40 History : A brief history of the show

AT40 on the air : learn how radio stations put AT40 on the air

AT40 Links : includes several links to other AT40 sites and AT40 information

AT40 Chart Feats/Achievements: A list of chart records and achievements from all of AT40's charts through 2003.

R&R Chart Feats/Achievements: A list of chart records and achievements from the Radio and Records CHR/Pop chart through 2003.

AT40 Flashback Info: Information on the show that aired from Dec 2000 - Dec 2002.

AT40 the 1970s/AT40 the 1980s - Information on the latest incarnation of classic AT40 shows

AT40 Paperwork - A summary of all the examples of AT40 memos, cue sheets, etc.

Casey's Top 40 - See information on CT40 (1989-1998)

Other Radio Shows - includes Rick Dees, American Country CountDown, and other shows' info.

Miscellaneous Charts - Radio and Records, Billboard, etc. links

Radio - Radio links.

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers on some typical questions about this site and AT40

Feedback - includes: an e-mail form for site feedback, guestbook, AT40 address, and Banner Exchanges


Sub Sections

Examples of AT40 charts: shows some excerpts of charts AT40 used throughout the years

Cue sheet example: shows how DJ's know what are on the countdown cd's

Proof of Play example: shows how some radio personnel prove that they played a show

New Jingles Memo: see a memo to program directors about AT40's new theme and jingles in 1992

AT40 on CD Memo: this is a letter that AT40 sent to radio stations about AT40 on cd.

A letter to AT40: See the answer to a chart question I sent to AT40

Put AT40 on the web - explains situation of the non-existent AT40 official page when Casey was the host

AT40's Chart Change - information on the switch to Mediabase data and the switch back to R&R

One Week Wonders - see what songs only spent 1 week on Casey's Top 40/ American Top 40 1998 through 2003

AT40 Specials - a list of all AT40 specials, including a few pictures of the special sleeves for the show LP's/CD's.

Flashback Shows - see which classic AT40 shows were aired as part of the Flashback series

Sneek Peek Listings - see which songs were AT40 Sneek Peaks and how well the songs actually fared.

Script Cards - see examples of cards used by the staff of AT40 to produce the show.

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