This page documents the struggle to get an AT40 site up while Casey Kasem still hosted the show.

I could not place the actual Top 40 countdown on the internet. The chart was (is) copyrighted by Mediabase 24/7, Radio & Records, and by Premiere Radio networks as well.

AT40 Domain Names

- The following is a list of domain names relating to AT40 and who owns them. Some of this was found by visiting Register.com.

  • at40.com , at40.net, and americantopforty.com are owned by Premiere Radio Networks / Clear Channel Communications. No site existed at these domains until Ryan Seacrest took over in 2004.
  • at40.org was owned by the webmaster of www.oldradioshows.com, a site that used to trade copies of AT40 programs
  • americantop40.com was "Uncle Ricky's Reel Top 40 Repository" but now redirects to Ryan's AT40
  • americantop40.net was owned by an AT40 fan, Shannon Lynn
  • at40.cc and americantop40.cc were the same site as www.chld.de, www.at40.de, and others. These sites used to list when you can hear AT40 on the net and much more

Timeline of the "AT40 Site" story:

- January 2004 - The official AT40 site finally appears, after Ryan Seacrest takes over as host of AT40.

- In January 2003, the "mid-year" remark (see next item below) has been removed. Now the at40 site is "coming soon."

- In May 2002, there is information on the Premiere Radio site that states an official AT40 site will appear by "mid-year".

- In December 2001, it appeared that a server is now running at the www.at40.com address. Instead of getting a "Not Found" error, one will encounter a "Forbidden" error instead.

- In July 2001, another fan wrote AT40 to ask about the website. AT40 replied that they "have plans on starting a website on AT40 later this year." They also said to check out R&R's messageboards for chart info. A link to those messageboards can be found on the info page.

- In July 2001, the 2nd longest running site to post AT40's chart was taken down. The cause of the site being taken down is unknown at this time, so AT40 could have had the site taken down.

- In late February 2001, another chart site has been removed, allegedly this time by AOL for copyright infringement. (The site was the one listed as "the latest site" on the links page).

- In October 2000, I asked AT40 yet again about their failure to produce a website. This is their reply:

The whole website thing is still up in the air. It seems like it'd be a
slam-dunk, but evidently not. Now we're part of another corporation and we
truly don't know when, or if, there will be an AT40 site."

- In September 2000, AT40 took another site down. I do not understand why they will not put up their own site, yet take down anyone else who dares to give information that people want. Be sure to tell AT40 what you think of this situation (politely of course).

- Also in September 2000, I found out that it would take permission from R&R's publisher/CEO before one could place their Pop chart on the web.

- In mid June 2000, I wrote Radio and Records via e-mail and asked them about their policy on placing chart information on webpages. Ron Rodrigues, Editor-In-Chief of Radio & Records Inc., responded:

"...the charts are copyrighted and may not be reproduced on other websites."

I also asked them about a charts archive:

"We have no place to obtain old charts at this time but have plans to add them later."


- In May 2000, the staff said they are still working as best as they can. They did not give a date this time.

-In March 2000, the staff reportedly claimed that the page would be up in May 2000.

-In October 1999, I asked AT40 through an e-mail why they do not have a web site. In reply, a member of the staff informed me that AT40 has hired an outside company to do the webpage. According to this source, AT40 has been waiting for months for them to finish, and they are supposedly as frustrated as us in wanting the countdown on the web.


General Information:

Each time that a fan placed the chart for AT40 on the web, the site eventually disappeared, apparently a victim of stringent copyright enforcement. An example is the Casey's Top 40 site, charter.simplenet.com, which had to remove all of its data and just become a portal to another site.


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